Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Felt Christmas Tree with a string of "lights"

I saw a few felt Christmas trees floating around pintrest.  Of course, I had to try it.  I knew Junebug would love decorating it!

This is my version of it with a string of  lights!

Supplies needed:
large piece of green felt (you will find this at a craft store by the small sheets of felt)
felt in a variety of colors
yarn for lights
buttons (to hold the lights)

I used a tree cookie cutter as a guide for my tree.  

I hot glued the buttons to the tree.  

Make your ornaments!
Here is link to some templates if you don't want to draw them freehand.

 Glitter is optional as it can be very messy. 
If you use glitter make sure they dry completely and then shake off the excess glitter. 

I cut out lights and glued them to yarn.  Let the glue dry completely.
Tip: I measured the yarn length against the tree before cutting it.
I tied a loop at each end of the yarn to put around the first and last button.

 Let the decorating and fun begin!
You will probably need to help with the lights.

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