Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Battle of the play dough recipes!!!!

The battle of the play dough recipes!!!

I put four play dough recipes to the test.

All the recipes called for the same ingredients. 
Just slightly different measurements of each.

It was really fun making them and a great way to talk about measurements.

Junebug put them to the test. 

 I also left a small amount out to see which ones dried out the fastest. 

I left these out for 24 hours. 
Believe it or not, A & D started to dry out but after kneading them a little bit,
they are almost as soft as the day before.
B was still on the dry side after being kneaded.
C was completely dry and falling apart. 

Here are the results of our test. 
Links to the blog with the full directions on how to make the play dough
are right above each picture.
Of course, this is just our opinion :) 

1) Our favorite is A
I agree with its "Best Play Dough" recipe claim!
This is so super soft and isn't drying out while being left out for a while now. WIN!

You can find this recipe & instructions at kristanlynn

2) Runner up is D
Honestly, A & D can be tied.  They are both so soft. 
This one has been left out for a while now and is not drying out yet!  Also a WIN!

I found this recipe & instructions at

3) Next up is B.
This one also carries the claim of "Best play dough recipe"
My only real complaint about this one is that it started to dry faster than the first two.
It sat out the same amount of time as A & C.
But it already started to dry out before I put it in the container.
Once you knead it again it seems to smooth out nicely.
It is really soft though.  Also a win!  

You can find this recipe & instructions at recipesfromhome

4) I really don't like how C turned out at all.
It called for the same ingredients as all the others. But, it is prepared completely different.
Instead of adding all the ingredients in one bowl. 
You mix the dry ingredients in one bowl.
Boil the water and add the oil to the water.  Then you combine the wet with the dry ingredients.
It isn't nearly as soft as the three others. 
It still forms fine when being played with by the kiddos.

Not to mention I screwed up the first batch, lol! See picture below :)

You can find the recipe & instructions at our bower blogspot

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