Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snowman in a baggie!

Snowman in a baggie!

I saw this and had to make it.  Great sensory fun!
Two ways to make it below.

Supplies needed:
Black peel & stick foam if you want the eyes & mouth on the outside of the bag
black card stock if you put the eyes & mouth on the inside of the bag.
orange foam (with the non-sticky back)
shaving cream
glitter (optional)
Quart size freezer bag 
*(you can use a sandwich bag, but I like the sturdiness of the quart size)

 Option A: Add the sticky felt pieces to the outside of the plastic bag.
Put the orange triangle on the inside.
Add glitter(optional) & shaving cream.
A little goes a long way for both.
You can always remove some of the shaving cream if you added to much.

Option B: 
The only thing you do different here is put all the pieces in the bag. 

I added circles with a sharpie where the eyes should go to help M.  But, that is optional.
Lastly, fold the top over and tape shut.

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