Thursday, March 8, 2012

Disney Themed Mini-Unit

Disney Themed Mini Unit

This started out as a "busy bag" then it quickly turned into a mini-unit.  

I realized I had too much stuff to fit into a bag.  
So, I thought it would be perfect in a plastic tub.
Then all the Disney related activities are in one place and it is easy to store.
What is inside the tote you ask?

Foam puzzles from the Dollar Store. 
 Counting flashcards from the Dollar Store.
I hole-punched them and hooked them together with a ring. 

Paint chip colors book.
 Notebooks & princess pen.
I got the pen and Chuggington notebook on clearance for .33 cents a piece at Target.
 Mini books.  We have a bunch of these.  
Pretty sure we got them in a pack from Costco.

 Paint chip "memory cards"

I laminated Mickey Mouse Clubhouse confetti and glued them to craft sticks.  

Counting with paint chips & clothes pins.

Coloring and Activity book.
 Miscellaneous worksheets I laminated.
Plus "Which one is Different" activity from the Disney party confetti.
Silly Bandz, a top from the Dollar Store and twist puzzle from the party store.

inspired by Counting Coconuts

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