Monday, March 12, 2012

Tot Tray Monday - St. Patrick's Day Edition

Tot Trays - St. Patrick's Day Edition

Lacing Practice
I printed the clover on green paper then laminated and hole-punched it.

Cutting practice
Ideally, I would like her to practice cutting with the green paper.
Then paste the pieces of paper to the clover.
This will probably be a two-day project :) 

Big and little alphabet match-up
I found these foam clovers at the Dollar Store.  They came in packs of 12.

 Gold "coin" counting

Which one is different?
I made this using images from google.

Pom Pom transferring with tongs.

St. Patrick's Day Patterns

Fill in the missing letter

Connect the Dot 1-17

Writing practice

Color by number
 This is currently one of Junebug's favorite activities.  
I was happy to find a St. Patrick's Day one.

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