Thursday, April 12, 2012

Snake Number Threading

When  I Can Teach My Child  posted this idea I couldn't wait to make it.  

We had the plastic eggs to use and our current "Letter of the Week" is S.
So, it was a perfect counting activity to create for Junebug.

Supplies you will need:
plastic eggs (the more rounded side) I suggest the ones that already have holes.
sharp scissors
googly eyes
hot glue gun
 Use the eggs that already have the small holes in them.
It will be a lot easier to cut a big enough hole for the ribbon to slide through. 
After I got the hang of it I cut them pretty quickly.
The first few I cut caused some plastic to go flying, so be careful with the small pieces. 

 I tied the knot four times so it couldn't be pulled through the first egg.  
Leaving about two inches as the "tongue".
 I hot glued the knot to the inside of the egg.
Then I hot glued on the eyes.
 Use the sharpie to write on the numbers. 
Make as many numbered eggs as you would like.
I made 20, since Junebug is working on 11-20.
Once she thread the ribbon through a couple of eggs she really got the hang of it!

Searching for the next number. 

She was so excited when she finished.
It really is a great way to practice counting!

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