Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Very Hungry Bunny Part 2

Feed The Very Hungry Bunny

This activity goes along with The Very Hungry Bunny printable from Playing With Words.  

If you scroll near the bottom of the post she has a link to print 
the letter carrots and number lettuce you can use to feed the bunny!
I had my 14 month old use the carrots to feed the bunny as we read The Very Hungry Bunny book.

I cut the top off of the milk carton. 
I covered it with two sheets of plain paper.  I needed four total to cover all the sides.  
With only one sheet you could see through it.  That kind of bugged me.  
 I made a rough cut of the mouth.  It gets covered by the bunny head so it doesn't have to be perfect.

I cut out the bunny template and added the pink to the ears and made a nose.
Then I hot glued on the googly eyes.  Simple!
click here for the bunny template I used from Family Fun

I laminated the carrots for durability.
 I wasn't sure how interested she would be in this activity.
But, she loved it.  She fed the bunny the carrots then dumped them out and fed him again!

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