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Walt Disney World - Cinderella's Royal Table

Cinderella's Royal Table 
Location: Cinderella's Castle in the Magic Kingdom

Quick Info:
~You can book 180 days in advance.  Book as soon as you can because this is very popular. 
~Available for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
~Children under 3 are free
~You get a picture with Cinderella before you dine. (picture below)
~Included in our price was an 8 x 10 and four 4 x 6 pictures of your child or family with Cinderella.
~After the picture you go up the stairs in the castle to the dining area.  
~The princesses make their rounds about 10 minutes apart.  
~Princesses we met: Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel & Snow White.(pictures below)
~I have heard Prince Charming, the mice and the Fairy Godmother also show up on occasion.  
~The little girls also get a fairy wand and wishing stars (pictures below).
~Boys get a sword and I assume the wishing star as well.  

          Here is the direct link to the info on the Disney site.

Our reservation was for 9:05 am.  If you book your reservation for a time before the park opens you can enter the Magic Kingdom before everyone else.  The park was to open at 9am so we tried our hardest to get there early enough so we could beat the rush.  That didn't happen, haha!  We were soooooooo rushed because we still had to buy our entrance into the park.  So, by the time we did that, road the monorail to the park, went through security...we were among everyone else as they prepared to open the gates.  I think we got to the gate right before 8:45am.

We did get to see the opening of the park which was fun.  Mickey comes out with dancers and they sang Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah and officially open the gates.  They opened the gates at 8:45am which gave us 20 minutes to get to the castle.  It was a herd of people all rushing up Main Street to get to their desired destinations.

We checked in at the Magic Kingdom at 9:03...I was sweating and stressed.  If we ever do a character breakfast at the park again I swear I will get there before the gates open.  It was rough.  But, we made it in time.

They slowly move you into the castle.  Once inside you wait in a line to get your picture with Cinderella.  The wait wasn't bad at all. Trying to keep Snowflake entertained and in one spot was our biggest challenge.

Junebug didn't want to take a picture by herself with Cinderella so we took a family photo.

Once upstairs we got to relax some.  The servers are quick to start asking about drinks and bring a plate full of pastries.  Always nice to have yummy food to help keep a 15 month old happy and entertained.
For breakfast we got to chose from 4 or 5 items on a menu that included stuffed french toast (what I chose), lobster crepes (what my husband chose), a healthy option with greek yogurt and fruit and a quiche.  There may have been one other item as well.  The girls got french toast sticks. We all love the food as it was presented beautifully and was delicious.

Each princess is announced about 10 minutes apart and make their entrance.  The make their way to each table and chat with the little kids.  Each princess was super sweet to the girls.  They signed their autograph books and took lots of pictures with them.

 I LOVE Junebugs face in the picture with Sleeping Beauty.  LOL!
 Little Mermaid - She was adorable. 
 Belle - she was talking to Junebug about her love of reading.  It was sweet.  

The fairy wands were an extra fun touch we were not expecting and the girls love them! 

The whole experience was about an hour.  Although, it seemed longer. 
I would definitely do this again.  

I came very close to cancelling this reservation thinking the girls would be too little.  Well, I knew Snowflake wouldn't get it.  But, I was worried Junebug wouldn't get it either.  But, I was wrong.  Although she didn't smile in any of the pictures she hasn't stopped talking about meeting all the princesses.  If you ask her who her favorite princess was she says all the princesses.

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