Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Walt Disney World - Character Dining - Chef Mickey's (Part 2)

Chef Mickey's
Location - Contemporary Resort
Quick info:
~You can book your reservation 180 days in advance.  Which I totally recommend.  It is very popular.
~ When you first get there, they will take your families photo in front of a Chef Mickey statue.
~ Once seated they will go over how the whole process works.
~The characters visit all the tables about 10 minutes apart.
~ It is a buffet style with a variety of things to chose from.
~ At some point someone will bring around a Chef Mickey folder with the picture you took inside.  It costs $29.95 for the folder which includes one 8x10 and four 4x6's (see example below)

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I originally booked this for the beginning of our trip.  A couple months before I decided to change the reservation to the end of our trip.  Thankfully, there was still an open time slot.  It was a great way to end our vacation on a super high note.

We had one of the earliest time slots for dinner, 5:05pm.  Which, I didn't know until we got there.  It worked out great because our section wasn't full yet when the characters started coming around.  So, we didn't have to wait long for any of them.

The buffet is a great size.  There is a lot to chose from but it isn't overwhelming in size.  So, you can make it a pretty quick trip up and back with your food.  Just in case the characters are making their way around your section.  But, don't worry if you miss them, they will come back!

The characters signed their autograph books and took lots of pictures with the girls.  Junebug had a stuffed sea turtle with her.  When Mickey came by the table he interacted with it.  It was very cute.

Pluto was very silly and played "peek a boo" with Snowflake. 

I love this picture of her grabbing Mickey's nose. 

Junebug gave all of them kisses on their noses.  

I don't think she could have been any happier.  

This is the package you can purchase for $29.95 with your families photo.
We ended up purchasing it because we realized it was our only family photo we took on the trip.  
 There are recipes and a couple pictures for your little one to color.

This was such a great experience for the whole family.  
We will definitely be going back to Chef Mickey's next time we head to Disney (Fall 2013?) 

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  1. Woow the kids are so cute. They were like Disney characters too. Anyway have your husband experience the Disney Golf too.