Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Glow Stick Fort Fun!

Junebug turns 3 next week.  All she has been asking for is a Dream Lite Turtle and Funshine Bear (Care Bear) for her birthday.  Her Grammy and Pap got her the Dream Lite.  It arrived in the mail today.  We decided she could have it before her birthday.  I got Funshine Bear a couple weeks ago and he is tucked away until her actual birthday.

The room needs to be pretty dark to see the lights from the Dream Lite. It arrived late morning. We were all anxious to try it out. So we built a fort using our kitchen table and a couple blankets.

While a friend was visiting us over the weekend he bought the girls some glow sticks.  So, we decided to have a glow party under the table.  It was super fun!

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