Thursday, July 12, 2012

Simple Sun Catchers from Melted Beads

Sun Catchers

using plastic craft beads & a muffin tin

I was so happy to see this activity on pintrest.  We have so many beads and rarely use them.  I thought it would be a cute gift for the girls to make for our family.

We didn't have any clear beads.  But, if you have them you should use them as well.

 Fill each muffin tin or mold of your choice with a layer of beads.

 I put the oven on at 400 degrees and "baked" them for about 40 minutes.
I checked them every ten minutes after the first 20 minutes.  
 I let them cool on our patio table and we went for ice cream, it is summer after all.

 They slid right out of the muffin pan.  There wasn't even a residue left in the pan.  Awesome!
 I can't wait to hang these up in the windows.
Junebug was so fascinated by them and they weren't even hung up yet!

inspired by Artful Parent

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