Monday, September 24, 2012

Celebrating JKM Soy Candles 1000 Fan Giveaway!

JKM Soy Candles is celebrating her milestone of reaching 1000 Facebook fans with an amazing giveaway!  There are 40+ sponsors participating.  So, that means 40+ prizes to win!

Here are the details taken directly from her page:

The album is LIVE! Please read the complete descriptions on each photo since some contain stipulations regarding shipping, pick-up, delivery, etc. A few items are for LOCAL fans only (such as gift certificates for brick & mortar stores or photography packages) so PLEASE read everything carefully! You MUST "like" each sponsor's Facebook fan page (if a link is provided to one) AND comment on thei...
r photo in the album. Your comment indicates you have "liked" their page AND have read any rules or stipulations listed with their photo. The sponsors do notice when people are commenting on their photo but not liking their page (and please don't "like" now & "unlike" when the giveaway is over, no one likes that person), and I will be checking also. Follow the rules, play nice, have fun & win awesome things! Giveaway will end Sunday, Sept 30, and winners will be announced here Oct. 1st.
In a Nutshell:
All the items that are up for grabs are in the photo album. Including my Alphabet I-Spy Bottle!
For a chance to win, please do the following:
1) Please read the item description of each item for details
2) "Like" the sponsors Facebook page
3) "Like" the item or comment on the item!
Click the picture to go directly to the giveaway page! 
Simple right? 
Good Luck to everyone! 


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  4. I love your ispy bottle. Trying to make one myself! I will have to check out your giveaway!

    julie @ Naptime Review

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