Thursday, September 20, 2012

Citrus Lane - August Box

Since I just got September's box, I am obviously behind in getting m monthly subscription boxes posted.  This is Citrus Lane August box.
I really loved this box.  The theme was "Back to School" (I think)

 It was filled with A LOT of fun stuff!
Bus Stops book
Multi-use from Innobaby
Little cremes snack from Plum Organics
Plus, some organic travel detergents from Eco-Me

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  1. Hi there.. after getting your comment on my page, I came to visit you! I'm your newest follower! Fantastic ideas. My daughter is a few months shy of 4 but we've been doing worksheets, sensory activities, art, science, etc ever since she would sit still. You have fantastic ideas.. will love to see them all! From