Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advent Bags and Schedule

I have always loved Advent calendars as a child.  
Peeling back the piece of cardboard for that small piece of chocolate was so awesome!

Our Advent bags aren't filled with just chocolate though.  
*See list below for ideas*

Christmas is such an exciting time, especially for children.  
I want it to be special for my children as well.  

This year I decided to do Advent bags.  I went with simple brown paper bags and put a number on each of them 1-24.  I then hung a clothesline across the window.  Then hung each one up with a clothespin.
I think they look pretty cute!

I am not putting anything in the bags except for an index card.  
The card will have a description on it of what activity they will do or gift they will receive.

I made a list of everything I have planned for the days leading up to Christmas.  The list will probably change slightly depending on moods,etc.  You know how it is :)

Advent is a great time to do for others. 
Volunteer and donate, make cards for an elderly home, toys for tots, etc.

December 1 - What is Advent? We are also decorating our Christmas tree this day.
December 2 - our Elf on the Shelf shows up / Color one candle on the wreath page / Christmas window  
December 3 - "invitation to bake" rice crispy treats.
December 4 - Christmas craft
December 5 - Little People Christmas Village / talk about St. Nicolas \
December 6 - St. Nicolas Day
December 7 - hot chocolate and watch a Muppet Christmas Carol
December 8 - meet Santa / Christmas dinner with family visiting
December 9 - take gifts to church / "invitation to bake" sugar cookies with Grammy /
                      color second candle on wreath
December 10 -  Little People Nativity set is out
December 11 -  Hello Kitty winter themed socks ($1 bins at Target)
December 12 -  Christmas party at MOTS / watch Smurfs Christmas
December 13 -  Christmas themed book
December 14 -  "invitation to bake" peanut butter blossoms
December 15 - write letter to Santa
December 16 - color third candle on wreath
December 17 - mail letter to Santa / Christmas craft
December 18 - holiday themed activity books ($1 bins at Target)
December 19 - surprise trip to cupcake store
December 20 - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer gummies and book to match
December 21 - decorate ginger bread house.
December 22 - Christmas dinner with family visiting
December 23 - color forth candle on wreath / Holiday Nights (event)
December 24 - make cookies for Santa / church / The Night Before Christmas book
December 25 - Happy Birthday Jesus!

Advent wreath coloring page.

More sites with Advent activities:

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