Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Themed Sensory Play - Sensory Bin, Discover Bottles and Shakers

3 Different Sensory ideas with items from the Dollar Store!

1) Sensory Bin
 The Dollar Store has a bunch of these plastic baskets in a variety of colors.

Items include:
plastic eggs
plastic bunny eggs
cupcake liners and sticks (super cute)
table scatter
Easter/Spring themed erasers
12 pack of carrots
Easter basket grass
green foam

2) Discovery Bottles
 I used a variety of the same items from the sensory bin to make these. 
 I hot glued the outside to keep it closed.  
 How cute are these???
Not to mention super colorful to explore!

3) Egg shakers

I used colored rice I had on hand. But, plain rice is just fine!
 Any type of plastic egg will work great. 
I love these eggs from the Dollar Store.  
I hot glued the outside so they can't be opened.  

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