Friday, April 26, 2013

Check Out Kinder Kits - New Monthly Subscription Box

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the activities on pintrest geared towards your kids?  Do you have boards filled with amazing ideas for themes to do with your child but have no idea where to even start?  

Kinderkits wants to take the hassle and stress out of planning those activities so you have more time to focus on whats important with your child.

Kinder Kits was created by six women at the Harvard Business School.  The idea is to help moms/dads who don't know where to get started with crafts or themes. Very helpful, AFFORDABLE and a time saver for parents who would love to do a theme but don't know where to start or don't consider themselves "crafty" .

We had the opportunity to review the new monthly box by Kinder Kits!

The box was filled with activities around a farm theme.  It included activities for counting, shapes, colors, sensory, music, pretend play and more! Everything you need to get your farm theme started!

Kits are $19.95 (shipping included)

We received the Farm Animals Kit

A LOT of fun things inside!

 I love that they include a book to go along with the activities.
 Cow Spots Counting
Place the pom poms on the cows as you practice counting.
 Shape Animals
This is such a great activity to include.  Most people don't have this type of shape activity at home.
 My girls love this one!

 Color Matching
Not only is this one great for color matching it is an awesome
activity for fine motor skills.  Clothes pins take time to master! :)
 Who's in the Barn?
Show your child all the animals and hide one in the barn (door opens). 
Who's in the barn??  

You also receive an "extras" bag.  BONUS!
It included finger puppets, animal masks to color, farm themed stickers, modeling clay songs, etc.  

I was happy to add all these activities from Kinder Kits to our farm unit!


  1. Your blog is adorable! I love those math manipulatives we use them in our homeschool also. I love your idea for using them to create animals. Found you at the naptime review.

  2. This kit looks awesome! So many different learning methods for kids! and I love that all of the items are included in the pack. Great for moms who don't have time to gather all of the materials for projects/lessons. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is great! looks like a lot of fun activities!

  4. Cool kits, kids will surely enjoy all the activities they can do and learn a lot of things. mommy also will get a break because the kids not only enjoy what he or she's doing she also learn from it. The price looks affordable.