Thursday, May 23, 2013

Paint Chip Craft - Flowers

There are so many cute craft ideas out there using paint chips.  You know the color swatch in the paint department at your local home improvement store?  Heck, I have even seen them at Walmart!
We had to run into Home Depot the other day and they have paint chips that aren't your typical square or rectangle shape.  They are a fun shape that resembles a flower petal.

So as we were leaving I grabbed a variety of colors and some of the wooden sticks (paint stirs)

 Simple list of supples:
green paint or green marker for the "stem"
paint chips
paint stirs
 They first painted the "stems" green

 Just a little glue was needed to keep the "petals" in place. The paint helped them stick as well.
 How fun are these flowers?  

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