Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DIY No Sew Super Hero Costume and Detective Costume (Tutorial)

It's time to dress up and play!  Thanks to Sprout,
(the 24-hour preschool channel parents and kids share together)
we received a special package to celebrate the new season of the The Chica Show.
My girls LOVE to dress up,
so we were excited when Sprout contacted us to participate in this activity.

These costumes are inexpensive and super easy to make.
In no time, your little one can be going on a whole new adventure.

Our package contained everything we needed to create two costumes!

Super Hero Capes

Make the collar:
1) fold the piece of felt in half (lengthwise)and cut in half
2) place the felt under your "cape" and hot glue to each other.
3) What it looks like glued
4)Lay the ribbon across the top of the fabric, 
then fold the felt over and hot glue in place. Be sure not to glue the ribbon
*Make sure the ribbon is long enough to tie*

1) For the mask I made a rough draft, cut it out then made adjustments against the girls faces.
2) Glue pieces of ribbon to each side long enough to tie around their heads.

Detective Costume


1) I folded the fabric in half and cut a hole in the top.  Be sure not to make the hole too big.
2) You can either use two baseball caps and glue one inside the other.  Or you can cut a piece of white felt the shape of the rim and glue it to the back of the hat.
3) Take the sponge off of the brush.  Then spray the canning jar lid and handle with black craft paint.  
Let dry.
4) Glue the two pieces together. 


Is this not one of the easiest costumes to make????

New Season of the Chica Show starts July 29 at 11:30 Et
photo credit: Sprout online

Disclaimer: Sprout provided me with all of the materials to create these costumes; all opinions are solely mine.

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