Monday, September 30, 2013

Gender Reveal Play Dough Fun!

I am 25 weeks pregnant now and a little late at get this posted!  
We found out the gender of our sweet baby # 3 at 22 weeks.  

A big thank you to LoveBubs Scented Play Dough  for sending us awesome gender reveal play dough.

This is a fun and unique way to share the news of baby's gender with siblings.

The play dough starts out white.  
With some kneading by the kids, the color will slowly change to either blue or pink.  

 Baby Brother on the way!!!

 My 4 year old beyond loved the play dough.  
She loved watching the color change and couldn't wait to do the pink one too :)
*LoveBubs sent us two of each color*
 There was little to no mess with the mixing process and the play dough is super soft and the color is vibrant!

We are very excited that our newest addition will be a baby boy and can't wait for January to get here! 

Be sure to check out LoveBubs Scented Play Dough  on Etsy! 

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