Monday, December 12, 2011

DIY- Snow globe using baby oil not water!

I couldn't wait to make this snow globe with Mary.  We used baby oil instead of water.  The glitter lingers longer in the baby oil. 

I would start out by using half the bottle of oil.  I used an average sized mason jar. 
Don't forget to leave space for your figurine's and to let the oil move around.

 we used a lot of glitter :)
 I cut the very top of the plastic cup off and glued it to the plastic container.
A plastic lid to vitamins, etc. would work.
Then I hot glued the bear and tree to the plastic. (Let it dry completely)
 I trimmed some of the plastic around the plastic container so it fit.
I then used the hot glue gun around the rim.
 Put the mason jar lid on and you have a snow globe!
It is magical! 


  1. We are going to make this! Connor is really into snow globes this year.

  2. Then you must make it! I love it too and am always shaking it :)

  3. do you hot glue the lid on too? or just twist it on? cute cute idea!!