Sunday, January 29, 2012

40 Easy Valentine Crafts & Recipes

There are so many amazing recipes and crafts out there.
I wanted to find a variety of things that a toddler can create.
Plus, recipes that don't require a lot to make and ones a toddler would enjoy helping with and eating!

#8 is so cute. :)

1) Valentine hat

2) Heart shaped finger puppets

3) Paper Love Bugs

4) Stained glass heart ornaments

5) Hand print wall hanging

6) Another Hand print card idea

7) Love Blossom Tree
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8) Celery Stamping
click here for complete instructions

9) Valentine Jelly Pops
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click here for the recipe

10) Valentine garland
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11)  Valentine S'mores
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12) Valentine Monster
Valentine Monster

13) Valentine Holders
valentine holder craft
click for link to Valentine Holders

14) Crayon Hearts

click here for the instructions

15) Red Velvet Whoppie Pies

16) Heart Rice Krispie Treats

17) You Color My World (melted crayon)

Crayon Hearts
18) Lollipop & picture (I just thought this looked super cute)
lollipop valentine photo easy

19) Apple Heart snack
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20) Heart shaped cinnamon rolls

21) Sweet Spot Hearts

22) Folding heart Valentine's

click here for instructions

23) Chocolate dipped Rice Krispie treat
click here for recipe

24) Eyes for you!
Eyes for You
25) Crazy card carrier
Crazy Card Carrier
26) Heart Shaped Animal Masks
Heart-Shaped Animal Masks
27) Sticky Hands, Warm Hearts

28) Chocolate dipped marshmallows
 Click here for recipe

29) Strawberry Shortcake Kabob's

click here for recipe

30)  Traditional Sugar Cookies


(via little-redhead)
from My World IS PINK!

31) Cereal Box Valentine Holder

click here for instructions

32) Birdseed Valentine's

click here for instructions

33) Another twist on the Rice Krispie Treat

click here for instructions

34) Valentine lunches
click here for lunch ideas

35) Stained glass heart
click here for instructions

36) Valentine Fortune Rolls

click here for recipe

37) Heart sun catcher

click here for instructions

38) Hugs and Kisses Jar

click here for instructions

39) Chews a Card
Chews a Card
click here for instructions

40) Raspberry French Toast Cups
Raspberry French Toast Cups Recipe
click here for recipe

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