Saturday, January 28, 2012

DIY - Colored Pasta or Rice

Make your own colored pasta or rice!
Great for sensory play and crafting!
It is super simple to color your pasta or rice. 

Supplies needed:
Pasta in different shapes or rice
rubbing alcohol
food coloring
plastic bags for pasta or bowl for rice

I filled all the bags with the pasta at once.
1)  add 3 tsp. of the rubbing alcohol to each bag
2) Add a few drops of food coloring at a time (add more as needed)
3) Shake, Shake, Shake!

4) Put paper towels on a cookie sheet or plate.
5) Pour the colored pasta onto the paper towels to dry. 
It is that simple!

The rice is just as easy, I promise!

1) Put the rice into a bowl
2) add about 1 tsp. of rubbing alcohol
3) add food coloring (I used gel food coloring for the rice) & stir

4) Dry the same way as the pasta. Put on paper towel lined cookie sheets
This colored rice makes me feel like spring is just around the corner!

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