Friday, April 13, 2012

Letter of the Week - S

Letter Crafts

I used the S template from DLTK 
 I absolutely cannot draw a star!  I never could draw them right, lol!
So, I used this template from Sunday School Crafts
I printed the stars on colored card stock and cut them out.  Then Junebug glued them on the S's


She kept asking to make a snail.  So, I had to find one for her to do other than just a coloring page.
Cut a paper plate in a spiral.
It would probably be easier to cut it after your child colors or paints it.

After the paint dried, I hot glued the eyes and pipe cleaners on to it.
I also glued it to a piece of card stock.

click here for the template from DLTK
This is a cut & paste activity.
First, she painted the plate black.
 I cut out the pieces and gave her the picture and
told her to use the pieces to make it look like the picture.

.  Color Matching Snowmen
This is a repeat activity that was part of one of our tot trays a couple months ago.
These were easy to make.  You need three different sized circles for the snowman.
You can use card stock or construction paper for the hats.

The following worksheets are from ABC Twiggles
Color only the things that start with S then cut & paste on the suns.
I cut and she pastes them.

Color only the S's to make a picture

Color by Numbers - Snake
free printable from
She said she would finish this tomorrow :)
I thought it was worth sharing though.

Get other great activities from Confessions of a Homeschooler

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