Monday, April 16, 2012

Tot Tray Monday - Eath Day Edition!

Fish out the garbage to be recycled
Help save the fish and recycle the garbage!

I put a small magnet on each piece of garbage from our recycling bin.
I have a roll of magnetic tape I purchased from the craft store.  One side is adhesive.

This is a fun way to introduce the importance of putting garbage in its proper place.

She used the magnetic fishing pole from one of our Melissa and Doug puzzles.
If you don't have one, you could make one with a stick, paper towel roll, etc. and some yarn. 
Then add a magnet to the yarn.

I was happy to find an Earth Day themed preschool back from itsy bitsy learners
Place the blue pom poms on the water.
Place the green pom poms on the land.
 Earth Day Puzzle

Sorting Trash printable from All Students Can Shine
Sort and glue the stuff that is to be recycled and thrown away.
Color by Number Earth Day page!

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