Friday, April 27, 2012

Quiet Time Book - Pages

No Sew - Quiet Book

I have been wanting to make a "Quiet Time" book for a long time.  We are driving to Orlando for vacation and I wanted to have it ready for our trip.  When I researched all the amazing books I quickly found out they take about 4 hours per page when sewn.  Since our trip was quickly approaching I knew I didn't have 4 hours per page.

So, I thought, why can't I just use my hot glue gun?  So, that is what I did.  I have to say, most of the pages didn't take that long to make.  Maybe 30-60 minutes per page.  The farm and city pages took the longest.  Probably closer to the 4 hours.  But, overall the book was prepared over a week and a half.

Although a no sew book doesn't look the same as one sewn.  I still think it turned out amazing and I am so happy with it!

Another tip about a no sew project.  You will probably have to mend things over time.  I've had to touch up the finger puppets here and there as they slowly come apart.

*My computer is uploading pictures really slowly this morning so not all the "production" pictures have uploaded.  I will get them up as soon as I can.

Supplies used:
Felt in various colors (whatever I had on hand)
stiff felt
hot glue gun
puffy paint
3 metal rings
paper fastener for clock

*Each page is glued onto a stiff piece of white felt.

Farm with finger puppets
 Each animal has a little pocket to sit in so they don't fall out of the book.
I used stiff felt for the barn.
These finger puppets I made a few months ago. So, their production time is probably a few hours. 

Desert and Clock pages.
 I love the desert page.  I might actually make another page so they are side by side.  
Junebug LOVES these rubber reptiles.  I got 4 packages on clearance from Walmart.  
So, we have a lot of them.  
Each one has a spot to hide in that I left untouched by the hot glue gun.
When we travel I will carry a few extra in case we lose any of them :) 
 I originally was going to use a button for the hands on the clock.  
But, I thought after a lot of turning the string might break.  So, I used a paper fastener instead.  
Mr. Potato Head page PLUS Zipper page. 
Every Quiet Book needs a zipper page, right? 
 Oopsey Daisy has a template you can use.

I made the mouse ears special for our trip!

I simply glued the zipper to the felt to form a pocket.
 How I glued the bottom of the pocket.

City Page
The city page isn't 100% finished yet.  I still have some open spots to fill.
This and the farm pages too the longest. 
The car fits in a little pocket next to the house. 
I did a rough sketch of how I wanted the streets first.
Then I started to add what buildings, etc. I wanted in the city.

I still have a couple more pages to upload.  But, my computer is uploading really slow.  So, I will post them later.  Including what the cover looks like.  

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  1. Oh my goodness- these are great! Someday I will learn to sew, but these quiet books are going to be just the thing to make in the meantime. Great ideas!

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