Thursday, May 17, 2012

Busy Bag - Toy Story

I created this busy bag after seeing the super cute Toy Story Pre-K Pack from Over the Big Moon.

Junebug LOVES Toy Story.  I have to be honest I love it too, I've always loved it.  I cried like a baby while watching Toy Story 3.  I was super excited when I heard they were making a forth! Ok, enough about me.

Everything fits perfectly into a pencil case.  I got this one from the Dollar Store.  

The first 5 pictures are what I printed from the Over the Big Moon Pre-K Pack

Counting Cards- I cut them out then laminated them.
 Vocabulary Cards - I cut them out then laminated them. Then I hot glued them to craft sticks.
Junebug can use these for imaginary play. Love these! 
 Size Sequencing
 Toy Story Invisible Ink book
 I found these stickers in our sticker box.  Great addition to the busy bag.  
She saw me putting this together and couldn't wait to play with it!  
Already a big win.  

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