Friday, May 25, 2012

DIY - Sidewalk Paint

Junebug loves to paint outside.  Last year she got the Crayola Sidewalk Paint for her birthday.  We have been running low on it all week.  I didn't feel like running to the store just for the paint.  Then I remembered we could make our own!

So, that is what we did and will probably do again today!

It is so simple to make.  However, it is also VERY messy.  We took the whole activity outside.  I also dressed the girls in their play clothes, knowing the "paint" would probably be everywhere.

Supplies Needed:
corn starch
muffin tin or any container you wish
food coloring
It is equal parts corn starch and water.
I added a little more corn starch
 Now just add your food coloring and mix!  
So simple and fun!
 Science:  We used primary colors and mixed the others to get all the colors. 

Look how pretty!
When the "paint" dries it looks just like sidewalk chalk.  

The color of the paint faded through out the day so we simply added a little more food coloring.

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