Thursday, May 24, 2012

Garden Sensory Tub

I didn't plan on making a garden themed sensory tub.  I saw one floating around on pintrest.  I even posted about it on the blog's Facebook page.
Then we decided to plant a vegetable garden and saw the disappointment when Junebug realized she could dig in the dirt once the seeds were planted.

I then decided I should make a garden sensory tub so she could plant seeds, water them, dig them up and plant all over again.

I used things for this bin we already had from our outside toy collection.  I did make the garden labels and seed packets.  See the below DIY instructions.
The seed packets were made from a regular envelope.
I simply cut it down the middle and glued the sides together.
 I trimmed the edges so both sides were at an angle. 
 I added the same picture from the garden labels I made.  

 Then I added regular beans to represent the seeds.  
I am sure these envelopes will need to be replaced once they are covered in water.
But, they were so easy to make.
 I filled the bin about a 1/4 full with Topsoil.  
I placed everything in the bin.
Including plastic vegetables and flowers to match the garden labels.  

 She loved planting the flowers.  She requested more for the bin.  
I got the sunflowers from the Dollar Store.  


  1. Love this idea for gardening.

  2. What a great idea for a sensory bin, we did a similar spring sensory bin a few weeks ago. Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend!!

    Mama Of Many Blessings

  3. So happy you shared this. It will be perfect for our Great Gardeners Camp this summer!