Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Surviving a two-day road trip with two under three!

When we planned our recent trip to Orlando we decided to drive.  It sounded like a great idea at first.  Wouldn't it be easier to drive with two young children instead of fly?  As the trip got closer I started to panic.  I wasn't worried about Junebug who is approaching 3 years old.  I was really worried about my sweet Snowflake who is 15 months old and is enjoying the new freedom that becoming a new walker brings.

We originally planned to break the drive into three days.  Then two days before we were to leave we decided we could do it in 2 days.  One "long" day of 10 hours and the second day would be the "short" day of 8 hours.

So, along with two dvd players and some of their favorite books I put some of their favorite toys that are travel friendly away the week or two before.  That way they would be excited to see them again. I also went to the second hand shop (Once Upon a Child) and bought them some new toys for them to share in the car.

I have to admit the drive down wasn't too bad....just long.  We did stop every 2 hours for breaks and to walk a bit.  So the first day took 12 hours.  The second day we added about an hour and a half to the time with breaks.  My husband drove most of the time.  I think the drive went by quicker for me because I felt like I was constantly entertaining the girls.  Reading books, changing the dvd's, singing, etc.  I was exhausted each night.

I put all of the coloring books, etc in basket that has 3 compartments.  I almost didn't use it because I thought it wouldn't work.  But, it worked out great and I think every time we travel I will use it.

What was in the basket?
Hot Dots Jr books.
Two new Color Wonder books & markers.  
 A variety of stickers & a notebook

The notebook was a great place for all the Mickey stickers they collected while visiting the Magic Kingdom, Chef Mickey and Downtown Disney.  Cast Members are always handing out the stickers for fun!
 These magic pen books were a big hit.  Junebug had never seen them before 
so she was really entertained by them the whole week.  
 New coloring books that we got from the Dollar Store.
 It was also nice and handy at the hotel.  

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