Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dowtown Disney - Disney Mr. Potato Head Pieces

I was really excited to check out Downtown Disney. It is a part of Walt Disney World that is a very cute area with stores & restaurants.  We went there for an early dinner and shopping mid-week.

The biggest store there is the World of Disney.  It has pretty much anything and everything you can imagine with a Disney theme.  If you are at one of the parks and plan to go to Downtown Disney, you can probably find the souvenir from the park there.

Our main reason for going to Downtown Disney was to get all the Disney themed Mr. Potato Head pieces.

I planned for that to be the main souvenir we got the girls.  You can find them at Once Upon a Toy. This was by far our favorite store.  It has all kinds of toys.  Some you can buy in stores back home and a lot you can only buy there.

When you first walk in you will see the Mr. Potato Head section.
 There are a couple different choices when picking the pieces.
~You can build just a Mr. Potato Head.
~You can fill a box with pieces for $19.99
~You can fill a large Mr. Potato Head for $49.99

I started out by filling up the box.  Then I couldn't fit everything in it.  Like the Tinkerbell hair and shoes. :)
So, we decided since this was the main souvenir we would get the large one.
That way we can get double pieces for the girls. 

There are pieces from the Pirates of the Caribbean.  
 You can get Mickey and Minnie themed pieces.  
I love the Mickey Mouse gloves you can get.  They fit right over the hands.
How cute are the Mickey glasses?

I love all the the accessories you can get. 

Here are more Disney themed pieces you can get.
Tinkerbell hair, shoes & wings.  
Goofy hat
Donald Duck hat & mouth
Minnie Mouse bow & shoes
Mickey Mouse Hat & shoes 

You can also get Toy Story pieces & Star War pieces (I didn't have room for those)
They also have a section of miscellaneous pieces.  You can get extra eyes, mouths, ears, earrings, etc.
I ended up with an odd amount of pieces because we just started putting pieces in to fill up the open spots.  
The only catch is the lid of the box has to close or the hat on the large Mr. Potato Head has to close shut. 
 I don't know how we fit all the pieces in the first time.
I can never get all the pieces back in now, lol! 

Here are some other fun places to check out in Downtown Disney.

 Oh how Junebug loves a carousal. 
 There are some amazing looking sweet treats at Goofy's Candy Co.

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