Thursday, June 7, 2012

Busy Bag - Writing Practice

Not all busy bags need to be created with craft supplies or printed and laminated.  Using things you all ready have around the house and keeping them in a bag to use on the go or when a child is looking for something new to do is perfect too!

I put our Kumon Write & Wipe flashcards in a pencil bag.  We have the big & little letters (sold separately) and the shapes.  What I love about the Kumon Write & Wipe flashcards is they are laminated (only on one side though) and they come with a dry-erase pen that includes an eraser.

I used to have them in the bag as is and the cards would be everywhere.  So, today I hole-punched them and put a ring on them so they are like a book.
Before I hole-punched them:


The letters and shape cards (and pen) fit in a pencil bag that can be thrown into a purse or diaper bag. 

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