Wednesday, July 18, 2012

BabbaBox by BabbaCo - My Review

I was super excited to find out that I won a BabbaBox by BabbaCo through Our Journey Westward's Giveaway!

What is also even more exciting is how quickly the box arrived once I won.  I found out I won on July 9 and the box was here less than a week later.  

It is now secret that I LOVE monthly box subscriptions.  I currently have a subscription with Citrus Lane and  Green Kid Crafts.  I will write my reviews or my opinions for these later this week.  I just got my first Green Kids Crafts box last week and I have been getting Citrus Lane boxes since January. 

Ok, back to BabbaBox...

The box is set up as follows:
  • Create- each box contains 2-3 projects kids create with their hands
  • Explore- a theme based product your child will use to engage with the world and nature
  • Story Tell- each box contains a book to go along with the theme
  • Connect-interactive learning with prepaid downloads
My addition: The monthly subscription is $29.99 - If this is in your budget, this box is really great. 

I received their Sun, Moon and Star box.  I am amazed at everything you receive.  You don't have to worry about anything...if you need glue to create the craft, you get glue! This is what my BabbaBox looked like and what was in it.  Keep in mind we haven't made the two crafts yet, but I was so in love with this box I couldn't wait to share it with you!

 This paper lets you know about everything in the box.

Paper-Mache "Moon" Nightlight
 Everything you need including the battery operated light is in the box!

Constellation Frame
 Again, everything you need to create the Constellation Frame with step by step instructions!
Binoculars with a lunar calendar
 Story Tell
Book included: Twinkle - Star of the Week
 I also received a "star" wine stopper as a thank you!

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  1. We love our BabbaBox. It should be coming any day now ;)

    julie @ Naptime Review