Friday, July 20, 2012

Green Kid Crafts - Review

I bought a two-month subscription from Green Kid Crafts through Plum District last month.  The deal was two months for $17.  I couldn't pass it up because I really have been wanting to try a "craft"
themed box for my 3 year old. 

Directly from their Green Kid Crafts page:

Enjoy earth-friendly, monthly projects that spark creativity and cultivate respect and love for the environment. With Green Kid Crafts, you no longer have to scramble for craft ideas and supplies to entertain your children. Suitable for kids ages 3-8, three of our craft projects come straight to your door every month. Order now and a package full of fun will arrive each month.
  • Our crafts are open-ended so that small kids can practice basic crafting skills while older kids can get more sophisticated with their projects.
  • Kids receive at least 3 different craft projects once a month.
  • Each project kit includes everything needed to complete the craft (you just supply glue, markers, and/or scissors).
  • Our craft projects follow the international calendar to generate global awareness.
  • We provide instructions that are intended as a jumping-off point for kids.
  • We use varied craft techniques to challenge creativity, develop new skills, and extend into creative play.
  • Our kits our tested by our very own panel of experts.

My additions:
*Monthly Subscriptions are $19.99 with free shipping. I think that price is very reasonable for a craft themed box.
**I think this box is really great for the parent that doesn't have the time to buy or stock up on craft supplies. We have A LOT of craft supplies here, so I am not sure this is the box for us.
**We only made the sun dial out of this box (so far).  I wasn't totally impressed with it.  You don't get exactly what is shown in the picture.  They encourage you to get "creative".  We ended up using our own colored craft sticks.  Once the mold hardened, the sticks fell out.  I ended up throwing the craft away :(
**I don't know if there is a referral program.  I couldn't find anything out on their page.

A picture of the 3 crafts you will create or on the inside of the box.

I do love that each craft is in its own packaging with directions. 
We made the sun dial last week.   
 The picture on the paper shows 3 stars, we only got one.

 The paper with directions shows colored craft sticks, but we got plain.  We used our own.
The idea is the child can color them.  That is what I assume anyway. 

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